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Saturday Flesh and Blood: draft/Blitz/CC

Saturday Flesh and Blood: draft/Blitz/CC

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Rotating Format: drafts, Blitz, CC plus fun 1-offs like Shapeshifter and cube. Check the event calendar for details. This is also a great way to learn to draft FAB or play Blitz for newer players.

Zulu's provides the packs and tokens you need to play when the event is a draft or sealed. 3 rounds of swiss play for draft and CC, max of 4 rounds for Blitz and sealed. 

Draft cost: $20 unless noted otherwise Draft rules are here. A phantom draft is when you don't keep the cards you draft (typically when someone brings in their cube)
Blitz, Cube and CC cost: $5
Sealed deck cost: $25 (4 pack) or $20 (3 pack).
Shapeshifter is $5 + packs (bring your own or buy 6 from us)
Time: 7pm

Zulu's prizing is casual. Everyone wins a pack for playing. 2nd place gets 2 packs and 1st place gets 3.
See you at Zulu's, your LGS and an LSS featured store.

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