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Zulus Games

D&D Summer Camp 2022! Online All Late Sessions 4p-6p

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Zoom into the Zulu’s Pirate themed D&D Summer Camp of 2022! Zulu’s is hosting a summer camp this year where our theme is pirates! Join the crew and sail the seven seas where lost treasures, adventures, forbidden lands, and friendships can be found! We’ll be seeing you then!

Our camp will be running July 11th - July 15th 2022, you can sign up via our website. All of our sessions will be held over Zoom and we will be using DND Beyond to keep track of character sheets for players. We will be sending the Zoom links for the meetings July 7th 2022. You can sign up for all 10 Zoom Meetings, All early Zoom Meetings, All Late Zoom Meetings, or pick and choose your own schedule.

This camp is intended for kids anywhere between the ages of 8-17. We group the participants by age range and experience levels.

If you have any questions feel free to email