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Dice Throne Tournament: 28 May

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Come play in our very first Dice Throne tournament run by Aaron Waltmann from Dice Throne! This is a casual tournament, which means it’s just for fun and every level of player is encouraged to attend. Help beta test a format to assist Dice Throne in developing an official organized play system!

All materials required to play will be provided for use during the event, please do not bring your own product. All we ask is that you have an understanding of how to play Dice Throne. Promotional materials will be given to players that attend the tournament. We will also be selling Dice Throne products at a discounted price for attendees only.

Location: Zulu's Board Game Cafe
Address: 10234 Main St Bothell, WA 98011
Date: May 28th
Time: 5 - 8 PM

Rounds: 3
Pairing Style: Swiss

  • Heroes are chosen at random, one (1) hero per player. Random selection is changed each round.
  • Each round will have a time limit of 35 minutes. Once time is called, play continues until both players have completed an even number of turns. If neither person is at zero health, the game is considered a tie.
  • Wins are worth three (3) points, ties are worth two (2) points, losses are worth one (1) point.
  • Total health remaining at the end of each round is also recorded.
  • 5-10 minutes between rounds to create new pairings and randomly assign new heroes.

1 final round

  • Time limit of 45 minutes (optional)
  • 2 participants selected based on total points during Swiss pairings, with total health remaining as the tiebreaker for selection.
  • Heroes are chosen at random. Each participant is dealt two (2) cards face up from the randomizer deck and will choose one. The selection is made in secret and revealed simultaneously.
  • If both players are reduced to zero (0) health at the same time, the person who has taken the fewest number of turns in that match will be determined the winner. If both players have taken the same number of turns, a “roll off” will be used to determine the winner.
  • A “roll off” consists of one “Roll Attempt” as described in the rulebook. Players may use the cards and CP that they had at the end of the game to affect the dice used in this “Roll Attempt”. The player with the highest sum of all five (5) dice used in the “Roll Attempt” will be declared the winner.