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Wizards of the Coast

Double Masters 2022 Launch Party Events: 8 & 10 July

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Seating is limited due to product availability. These events are expected to sell out!

We're doing 3 types of events for Launch Party weekend:

  • two drafts (Friday at 7pm and Sunday at 4pm)
  • two sealed events (Friday at 2pm and 11pm)
  • one two-headed giant event (Sunday at 11am)

(note there are no 2X2 events on Saturday because that is our Store Championships!)

Each Double Masters 2022 Draft Booster is packed with two rare and/or mythic rare cards plus two foil cards. For draft events Double Masters 2022 offers a unique, premium draft experience for Magic fans ready for a refreshing twist on play. For the first pick each pack players get to draft TWO cards!

All events feature three rounds of swiss play. 
Players get 50 minutes to draft and build decks.

Competitive prizes pay in Double Masters 2022 packs!: 2-1's get one 2X2 pack. 3-0's get four 2X2 packs

Bring a friend and play the best game in the world at Zulu's, a WPN Premium store.