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On Demand Saturday Flesh and Blood: draft/Blitz/CC

On Demand Saturday Flesh and Blood: draft/Blitz/CC

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Rotating Format: drafts, Blitz, CC plus fun 1-offs like Shapeshifter and cube. Check the event calendar for details. This is also a great way to learn to draft FAB or play Blitz for newer players. "On demand" events like this Saturday series mean no Armory prizes but more flexibility in changing formats up based on what attendees want to play.

Zulu's provides the packs and tokens you need to play when the event is a draft or sealed. 3 rounds of swiss play for draft and CC, max of 4 rounds for Blitz and sealed. 

Draft cost: $20 unless noted otherwise Draft rules are here. A phantom draft is when you don't keep the cards you draft (typically when someone brings in their cube)
Blitz, Cube and CC cost: $5  Ultimate Pit Fight games are free.
Sealed deck cost: $25 (4 pack) or $20 (3 pack).
Shapeshifter is $5 + packs (bring your own or buy 6 from us)
Time: 7pm

Zulu's prizing is casual. Everyone wins a pack for playing. 2nd place gets 2 packs and 1st place gets 3.

We'd love your feedback on what we play in December... let us know what you'd like!
See you at Zulu's, your LGS and an LSS featured store.

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