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FAB Season 6 Skirmish: Blitz, 8 Apr 2023

FAB Season 6 Skirmish: Blitz, 8 Apr 2023

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Mark your calendars for 8 April at 6:30PM. Skirmish is back and we're playing Blitz.

Skirmish is a local tournament series designed to bring meaningful and accessible higher level organized play to the community. Unlike Pro Quest, rules enforcement is casual.

Prizes and promotional giveaways will be from a special Skirmish tournament kit, featuring:

  • Winner will receive a black envelope Cold Foil & a playmat & store credit
  • Top 8 finishers will each receive a Cold Foil Outsiders Hero & store credit
  • Participants chosen at random have a chance of winning a black envelope cold foil as well as other great random prizes including a box of Outsiders.

Entry cost: $20. This event is capped at 32 seats and 5 swiss rounds, with a top 8 playoff.

FAB and Zulu's bring you great players, great prizes, and 100% great games!

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