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Farewell to Welcome to Rathe sealed deck event entry 1/29/22

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After centuries of uneasy peace, the land of Rathe balances on the brink of war once again.... but then the printing presses stopped!

This sealed deck event will give players a final chance to enjoy WTR as it goes out of print and a first chance to win it's Young Heroes as Cold Foils.  Seats are limited. Don't miss out!

Entry entitles participants to 6 packs of UNL WTR. [If we luck out and get 1st edition boxes they'll be distributed as evenly as possible among players. Fingers crossed!]

We'll play in pods of 8 so players can plan on 3 rounds of swiss. Pod winners will get a Young Hero and the rest of the promos will go out to random participants. Participation prizes will be handed out at the end of the event. 

Event date/time: 29 Jan/1 PM