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Flesh and Blood: Bright Lights sealed Prerelease 01 October

Flesh and Blood: Bright Lights sealed Prerelease 01 October

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Mark your calendars for 01 October at 3pm.

“Are you tired of being just another cog in the machine? Why not become more than you could ever imagine? Join Teklo Industries and create a better future for everyone. A future… with Bright Lights!”

Bright Lights is an all-mechanologist set! Bright Lights introduces the Expansion Slot, a new feature that offers new content to a range of heroes outside those featured in the product itself. Fyendal's Spring Tunic which is one of the cards possible to find in the Bright Lights Expansion Slot!

We'll be playing sealed deck, up to 6 rounds depending on attendance.

Participation prizes will also come from the prerelease event kit, inlcuding RF Hero promos for everyone and playmats for distribution to random players. We will also get and give away CF "Teklo Base ___" cards, while supplies last.

Everyone will receive two EVO (Bright Lights) packs for participating and and additional rewards will go to 4-x or better finishers.
Don't wait till the last minute to save your seat!

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