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Flesh and Blood ProQuest CC Event: 5 Nov

Flesh and Blood ProQuest CC Event: 5 Nov

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Mark your calendars for 5 November at 11am.

Zulu's is proud to be hosting the local community for another Pro Quest event.  Players looking to join the Pro Tour, this event is for you. The winner claims an invitation to Pro Tour 4.

Players looking for bragging rights at Zulu's: this event is also for you!

Collectors who want to get their hands on a Gold Cold Foil.... yes, the winner gets a Random Drop Gold Cold Foil... this is for you!

Format: Classic Constructed
Start time: 11AM
Rounds: 6 rounds max of swiss play, depending on attendance. Then a cut to top 8.
Entry: $30
This event is capped at 64 seats with $10/player going into the top 8 prize pool.

Decklists are mandatory for these events, you can find the Deck Registration Sheet here.

FAB and Zulu's bring you great players, great prizes, and 100% great games!

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