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Kill Team: Killzone Sector Mechanicus

Kill Team: Killzone Sector Mechanicus

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The Sector Mechanicus Killzone Environment is an expansion for Kill Team, in the packed box, you'll find a gameboard, scenery, and exclusive rules that use the unique nature of Sector Mechanicus terrain to introduce dangerous new missions and powerful effects to your games.


  • A double-sided Kill Team gameboard measuring 22" x 30" printed on heavy, durable card stock. 1 side depicts a Zone Mechanicus, a bleak and blasted area designed to arrange your Sector Mechanicus scenery on; and the other an Imperial Sector, an area of war-torn city.
  • 12 Sector Mechanicus Tactics cards, these can be used by any Kill Team faction, with 8 cards providing interactions with the Sector Mechanicus scenery and 4 being used specifically by Comms and Demolition Specialists.
  • A Sector Mechanicus Environment card, which provides 6 different rules allowing interaction, positive and negative, with the scenery.
  • 4 Sector Mechanicus Mission cards, designed to be used in conjunction with the gameboard and scenery, this is a set of 2 Matched Play missions and 2 Narrative Play missions, which are split between attacker and defender.
  • 8 frames of Sector Mechanicus scenery, providing endless variety, these frames of industrial scenery include a huge array of walkways, platforms, supports, ladders and plasma pipes. Included are enough components to build an Alchomite Stack (a series of chimneys evoking the thick, acrid atmosphere of industry), a Ferrotonic Furnace (an enormous silo filled with toxic chemicals, or worse) and 2 sets of Plasma Conduits. This scenery is designed to be entirely modular, and can be assembled, taken apart and re-assembled any way you like. It is compatible with all Sector Mechanicus scenery, add as much as you like to create massive, multi-level structures for your Kill Teams to battle over.
  • An 8-page booklet describing the Sectors Mechanicus, with an example of a fully-painted scenery set.

*Games Workshop plastic miniatures are sold unpainted and will require assembly.

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