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March of the Machine Launch Party events

March of the Machine Launch Party events

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March of the Machine is the epic conclusion to the Phyrexian story arc.

The fates of countless planes hang in the balance, but there is hope—those planes aren't planning to go down without a fight. Stand with the greatest heroes of Magic from virtually every plane we've visited in the Multiverse. The Phyrexians are thorough—though unexpected allies have now joined our heroes' fight against the Phyrexian onslaught.

Build a 40 card deck from your prerelease kit, or a draft, or a Box... or Collector's Boosters! Play three rounds of swiss pairings. Everyone gets a draft booster plus more if you win at least 2 rounds.

         Friday: 7pm & 11pm Draft at Zulu's
    Saturday: 2pm 2HG (kits) Sealed &
    Saturday: 7pm 1v1 Sealed
      Sunday: 11am Draft 
      Sunday: 4pm Deluxe Draft  (MOM Coll+MOM draft+surprise pack).
                            Social prizes + winner gets a collector's pack
   Thursday: 7:15pm Deluxe draft (MOM Coll+MOM draft+surprise pack)
                            Social prizes + winner gets a collector's pack

Note: players who open Prerelease kits will find a second promo alongside their usual year-stamped foil promo card: one of three mechanically unique promo cards! These special promo cards are not Standard-legal and won't be played in the event.

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