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Marvel United: Classic Cardboard Villain Dashboards

Marvel United: Classic Cardboard Villain Dashboards

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This Kickstarter Exclusive gives you a full set of all Villain Dashboards included in the original Marvel United campaign, printed on thick cardboard tiles. This includes all Villain Dashboards found in the original Marvel United core box and all of the expansions and Stretch Goals added to the original campaign, for a total of 29 dashboards, including the oversized Sinister Six Dashboard.

  • 3 Villain Dashboards – Marvel United core box
  • 4 Villain Dashboards – The Infinity Gauntlet
  • 7 Villain Dashboards – Return of the Sinister Six (the Sinister Six one being oversized and including 6 Support Tokens for the Weak Spot cards)
  • 1 Villain Dashboard – Rise of the Black Panther
  • 1 Villain Dashboard – Tales of Asgard
  • 1 Villain Dashboard – Enter the Spider-Verse
  • 1 Villain Dashboard – Guardians of the Galaxy Remix
  • 11 Villain Dashboards – Stretch Goals
  • 3 Mission Tiles (Plan B)

    *Requires Marvel United Base Game or Marvel United X-Men Base Game to Play

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