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Marvel United X-MEN: Cardboard Locations

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This Kickstarter Exclusive gives you a full set of all Locations included in the Marvel United: X-Men campaign, printed on thick cardboard tiles.

The X-Men Cardboard Location tiles set includes copies of all Locations found in the Marvel United: X-Men core box and all of its expansions, for a total of 31 tiles:

8 Location Tiles – Marvel United: X-Men core box
2 Location Tiles – The Horsemen of Apocalypse
4 Location Tiles – Fantastic Four
4 Location Tiles – First Class (the Danger Room tile being smaller)
4 Location Tiles – Blue Team
4 Location Tiles – Gold Team
4 Location Tiles – X-Force
1 Location Tile – Deadpool

This pack also contains 6 support tokens to help keep the Threat cards level on top of the cardboard Location tiles.

*Requires Marvel United Base Game or Marvel United X-Men Base Game to Play