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MTG Lost Caverns of Ixalan Commander Party

MTG Lost Caverns of Ixalan Commander Party

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Commander Parties are one-day MTG events where players are immersed in a story and their actions throughout the game affect the entire event by activating in-game bonuses and guiding the narrative. Players are not required to play Ixalan commanders, but there's style points for those who do...

Your goal is to win 2 matches to be entered in our raffle for a collector's booster.

The fine print: Each pod of 3 or more to register gets a WINNER ticket when it's players register in Eventlink, plus everyone gets a party exclusive promo Unclaimed Territory while supplies last. Once you win 2 tickets you can put your name in the raffle for a LCI collector's pack. Other cool freebies will be included in the raffle if we have >5 winners.

Cost: free! Come play Magic commander and have fun. There are no unusual deck restrictions.
Date: Saturday, 16 December
Time: play all day, but the drawing is at 10pm and you need to win 2 tix to be in it. You are free to play before and after.

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