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Return to Dark Tower Kickstarter

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Return to Dark Tower


Return to Dark Tower Base Game
One copy of the Return to Dark Tower base game with all included stretch goals.

Azkol's Fortune
A wealth of riches for a truly rich game experience.


  • Return to Dark Tower Base Game
  • Alliances Expansion
  • Dark Horde Expansion
  • The Coffers Token Upgrade Pack

Alliances Expansion
The Alliances expansion offers new rules and components to add further depth and variety to the game. It includes two new heroes, who can be used in any game. The Archwright fortifies buildings to protect the kingdoms; the Haunted Recluse dabbles in forbidden lore to powerful effect. Influence is a new resource that can be used to form alliances with powerful guilds or to thwart the capricious whims of the nobles. It also features new treasures and allies with more intricate abilities for experienced gamers.

Dark Horde Expansion
The Dark Horde box contains stunning sculpts by Punga Miniatures of all the foes in the game. These figures bring the foes to life.

Neoprene Game Board Mat
This mat is huge and heavy, 800mm in diameter and 3mm thick. It's about 80% larger area than the game board. This makes the spaces larger as well of course, which can be a boon if you're playing with the miniature foes from Dark Horde. A real specialty item for those who want to play an epic game on an epic stage.

Custom Card Sleeves
Give all your cards a little extra protection. This add on includes enough high-quality sleeves to cover the cards in Return to Dark Tower and the Alliances expansion. 110 standard card sleeves and 85 mini sleeves (plus some extras for lost or broken sleeves). Most sleeves will have a custom print, but some standard sized sleeves will be completely clear to accommodate the double-sided cards.

Set of 8 Gold Foil Art Prints
Eight art prints with gold foil.

Coin of the Realm
This 50mm diameter and 5mm thick metal coin signifies the active player.

The Coffers Token Upgrade Pack
The Coffers box replaces the cardboard resource tokens from the game and the Alliances expansion with top-quality, heat-transfer plastic tokens that have a great feel and durability.