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Streets of New Capenna Collector's Sealed 28 August

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You read it right: Streets of New Capenna (SNC) collector's sealed for $99.99! Playing collector's sealed is quite different from other sealed events because of the ridiculously high density of bombs and the lack of common removal cards. If you're a fan of SNC or of novel Magic formats, this event is for you!

Entering this event gets you:

  • 6 SNC Collector booster packs for sealed play + 1 for the prize pool
  • 1 random premium promo card
  • 1 FNM Promo Pack 
  • 1 beverage or dessert of your choice to celebrate this amazing set before we rotate to DMU!

Event Details:
          Date: Sunday, 28 August
          Start Time: 4 PM
          Duration: ~4 hours 
          Round cap: 3

Prize structure in collector's packs:
3-0 = 4 SNC collector booster packs
Everyone else: one SNC collector booster pack