Kill Team: 1st Edition: Crasker Matterzhek

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  • An Acolyte Iconward: this multipart plastic kit is used to represent Crasker Matterzhek - or the Commander of any Genestealer Cults kill team you wish - armed with an autopistol, blasting charges and rending claws the Iconward clutches his cult's sacred banner hoisting it aloft to inspire his broodkin to surge forward in a wave of indiscriminate violence.
  • A datacard for Crasker Matterzhek, featuring his characteristics, weapons, abilities and specialisms, along with a card featuring his background.
  • A card featuring Crasker Matterzhek's skill tree - Acolyte Iconward specialisms which can only be used by that character.
  • 4 Broodmind discipline psychic power cards.
  • 5 Genestealer Cults Commander Tactics Cards, including 2 Tactics exclusive to this set.
  • A sheet of tokens for use in games of Kill Team - this includes 1 Move/Charge token, 1 Fall Back/Advance token, 1 Ready/Shoot token, 6 Tactic/psychic power tokens, 3 wound tokens, and 3 objective tokens.

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