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Warhammer Warcry: Ravaged Lands: Souldrain Forest

Warhammer Warcry: Ravaged Lands: Souldrain Forest

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Ravaged Lands sets are designed to expand your core Warcry experience with new challenges and thematic terrain. This set contains a selection Wyldwood scenery, plus ruined staturatary for adding even more tactical depth to your battlefields.

This set contains a 22”x30” double-sided gameboard to battle over – one side depicts a ruined tile floor, while the other features a wasteland that matches the gameboard from the Warcry Starter Set, allowing you to combine your scenery collections for bigger battles!

The set also includes a double-sided Warcry token sheet for keeping track of your fighters, plus 36 terrain cards – combine these with battleplan cards to set up your games. Whether you're looking to expand your Starter Set or beginning your journey in Warcry, this set is perfect for you!

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