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Games Workshop

Warhammer Underworlds: Beastgrave: The Grymwatch

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While the Duke is a Hero unit, he’s at his best when surrounded by his loyal band of bodyguards, each willing to lay down their life in service to their lord. Crakmarrow's presence bolsters his retinue, making them rather difficult to shift off important objectives.

This 7-model set allows you to build Duke Crakmarrow, his wretched servants Grislewel, Valreek, the Night’s Herald, the Royal Butcher, and Master Talon, plus a pair of the deadly bats known as the Duke’s Harriers. This box is the best way to add this unit to your Flesh-eater Courts collection if you're not a Warhammer Underworlds player – and it's also a fantastic source of spare miniatures with which to add even more variety in your current units. The kit's supplied in 32 plastic components, including sculpted bases. These models are push fit, and require no glue to assemble. They are supplied unpainted and require assembly.