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Washington Cube Championship 2024

Washington Cube Championship 2024

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We are very excited to announce the first ever Washington Cube Championships hosted here at Zulus! 

What is Washington Cube Champs?

We created Washington Cube Champs to create a larger organized cube experience here in the Pacific Northwest. Our goal is to bring cubes and players together for a two day event with prizes and a proper tournament structure where we can all enjoy Magic's best format.

Event Structure:

Each player will participate in 5 drafts. After those drafts, there will be a cut to top 8 for the final draft.


Draft 1 at 9:15am

Draft 2 at 1:30pm

Draft 3 at 5:45pm


Draft 4 at 9:15am

Draft 5 at 1:30pm

Top 8 Draft at 6:15pm


There will be a championship belt for 1st and playmats for top 8, as well as participation goodies for all players. There will be no cash prizing for this event.

What to bring: 

Just yourself is required, but you may want to bring some dice, a playmat, and a lifepad.

Important Information:

When: March 9th and 10th from 9:00am-10:30pm on both days

Where: Zulus Event Center at 10131b Main St. Bothell, WA

Cost: $75 for the entire event.


For any questions (like how to submit your cube for the event), please join our discord above.

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