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Zulu's Modern (2-slot) Regional Championship Qualifier: 28 Oct

Zulu's Modern (2-slot) Regional Championship Qualifier: 28 Oct

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Zulu's is proud to host a Modern Regional Championship Qualifier, where local MTG players take their next big step toward becoming Pros. We'll be playing competitive REL and the winner gets an invitation to Denver, plus there's a $100 store credit going into the top 8 prize pool for every 8 players. That means an $800 top 8 pot at max attendance.

Zulu's is providing Nissa, Ascended Animist Pinfinity pins for the top 8 finishers. The winner gets an addional Champion badge and lanyard set.

Wizards is also providing super cool promos for participants, while supplies last. First 32 to register get a "An Offer You Can't Refuse", the top 8 get a promo Death's Shadow, and the winner + second place also get a Foil Promo Death's Shadow.

Format: Modern. Decklists are required
6 rounds of swiss play if >32 players. Competitive REL. Followed by cut to top 8.
Cost: $30
Time: 11am, Saturday, 28 October

Plus, there will be at least one Modern side event at around 4pm.
See you at Zulu's, your LGS and a WPN Premium store.

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