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Zulus Games

Zulu's MTG Store Championship: 9 July

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Zulu's is proud to host our second Magic Store Championship!
Who will be crowned the next store champion?

Wizards is providing super cool promos for participants (Flame Slash), the top 8 (Archmage's Charm) and the winner (Dark Confidant).

Plus, we'll have participation prizes to give away throughout the event.

Just in time for Double Masters 2022, we're doing a throwback event for our store champs. Come dominate in sealed (6 pack) MH2 and then we'll cut to a top 8 draft. 

Format: 6 rounds of swiss play if >32 players. Competitive REL. Followed by top 8 draft.
Cost: $75
Time: 11am, 9 July

Plus, there will be multiple side events all day if MH2 isn't your jam or if you scrub out early. See you at Zulu's, your LGS and a WPN Premium store.