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Zulus Games

Zulu's MTG Store Championships, playing Standard 10 Dec

Zulu's MTG Store Championships, playing Standard 10 Dec

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Zulu's is proud to restart paper Standard with our December Magic Store Championship.
This fun and creative format is a great way to leverage your collection. We'll also be playing standard as FNM and as a multi-week event fka the Standard Showdown in the spring.

Wizards is providing super cool Store Champs promos  (TBA) for participants, the top 8 (Top 8 stamped TBA OR an unstamped TBA) and the winner (Zulu's Champion stamped TBA).  

Format: Standard w/decklists. Up to 5 rounds of swiss. REGULAR REL, followed by top 8 single elimination play.
Cost: $20
Time: Noon, 10 December. [was originally 9 December, but moved to avoid conflict wtih Fall Magic Finals.]

: eternal glory + a unique store-stamped TBA + store credit* + invite to the next Championships
2nd: store credit* + invite to the next Championships
3-4th: store credit*, 5-8th store credit*

*For every 8 people who play we'll put $100 of store credit into the top 8 prize pool.
See you at Zulu's, your LGS and a WPN Premium store.
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