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Zulus Games

Digimon: Zulu's Omega Rumble! 5 June

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The Omega Rumble is upon us! One of our biggest tourneys yet!

Date: June 5th, 2022 
Start Time: 1PM (Check-in starts at 12:30PM, Round 1 Starts at 1:10PM)
Entry : $35
Max 64 People. To guarantee a spot, sign up quickly!

In-Store Event
Best of 3, 50 minute rounds + end of procedure
Up to 6 rounds based on player count. 
No top cut. We're playing until there is 1 undefeated player!
Mulligan will be allowed and there will be no Sideboard. 

There will be no draws for this tournament. If players do not finished their matches during the set time and end of procedure has been called, the victor will be determined through the following:
1. Player with the most game wins.
2. If players are tied, player with the most security stack remaining wins.
3. If players have tied security stacks, the player with the most cards in deck win.
4. If that is tied, player with the most Digimon in the battle area wins. 

Participants (see image below)
Zulu's Exclusive Playmat
Digimon "Next Awakening" Booster Pack x3

Prize Support:

Top 8
Digimon Card Game Deck Box

Omnimon Ichiban Statue
4 Digimon Card Game Sleeves
Trophy (to be announced later)
Name engraved on the Zulu's winner plaque (WiP)

Store Credit Prizes for Top 8!
5th-8th : $35 Store Credit
4th - $50 Store Credit
3rd - $60 Store Credit
2nd - $100 Store Credit
1st - $150 Store Credit

( participant playmat)

(top 8 deck box)

(Champion's Prize)