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Champions of Midgard: Jarl Edition

Champions of Midgard: Jarl Edition

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Champions of Midgard Jarl Edition comes with both Champions of Midgard: Valhalla and Champions of Midgard: The Dark Mountains as well as exclusive content not available at retail, including a box designed to hold everything including the base game.

The Dark Mountain Expansion:
2 New Side Boards, 1 Dark Mountains Board, 1 Expanded Market Board, 24 Bergrisar Cards, 24 New Enemy Cards, 5 New Rune Cards, 24 Land Journey Cards, 1 New Destiny Card, 12 Archer Dice, 1 New Ship, 2 New Leaders, 1 Permanent Market Stall, 2 New Economic Market Stalls, 1 New Military Market Stall, Worker Pawns and Score Tokens for a 5th player

The Valhalla Expansion:
1 New Side Board (The Valhalla Board), 5 Burial Ground Tiles, 10 Berserker Dice, 10 Shieldwarrior Dice, 5 Leader Dice, 32 Valkyrie Blessing Cards 9 Epic Monsters, 2 New Destiny Cards, 105 Sacrifice Tokens, 2 New Leader Boards, 9 Leader Ability Boards

Jarl Exclusives:
Exclusive Box, Viking-Shaped Meeples in 6 Player Colors, Helmet-Shaped Score Markers in 6 Player Colors, 1 Promo Ship, 2 Merchant Ships, 2 Land Journey Cards, 2 Journey Cards

Players: 2-5
Time: 60-90 Minutes
Age: 10+

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