• Store Hours

    Monday: 12pm-11pm
    Tuesday: 12pm-11pm
    Wednesday: 12pm-11pm
    Thursday: 12pm-12am
    Friday: 12pm-12am
    Saturday: 10am-12am
    Sunday: 10am-8pm

  • Event Center Hours

    Our newest play space is focused on miniatures and competitive events

    Monday: 4pm - 11pm
    Tuesday: 4pm - 11pm
    Wednesday: 4pm - 11pm
    Thursday: 4pm - 11pm
    Friday: 4pm - 11pm
    Saturday: 3pm - 11pm
    Sunday: 12pm - 8pm

    Located at: 10131b Main St. Bothell, WA. One Block West of Zulu's Cafe

  • Kitchen Hours

    Monday: 4pm-9pm
    Tuesday: 4pm-9pm
    Wednesday: 4pm-9pm
    Thursday: 4pm-9pm
    Friday: 4pm-10pm
    Saturday: 11am-10pm
    Sunday: 11am-8pm

  • Zulu's Card Corner Hours

    Card Order Pickup:
    Monday: Noon-7pm
    Tuesday: Noon-7pm
    Wednesday: Noon-7pm
    Thursday: Noon-8pm
    Friday: Noon-8pm
    Saturday: 10am-8pm
    Sunday: 10am-7pm

    Card Buying ends one hour before the card corner closes

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