After the Empire: Solo Mode

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From your walled city, you are a medieval liege ruling the surrounding lands, settlements, and holdings granted by birthright. This is your fiefdom, and all within it owe fealty and allegiance to you above all others. Each other lord and lady rules a neighboring fiefdom and competes for resources in the unclaimed yet bountiful lands of the countryside between them. Tensions were high and petty feuds common between you and your neighbors until scouts reported a new and deadly threat. Invaders have swept in from the east! Their sizable army is camped on the edges of your realm, and this new common enemy endangers the entire land. Refugees from the fallen eastern lands seek shelter and bring tales of destruction. Old rivalries must be put aside to focus on the onslaught to come and remain unbroken. Your life, your wealth, your fiefdom, and your legacy must be protected at all costs!

After the Empire: Solo Mode is a deck of 30 cards with rules that will allow a solo game of After the Empire to be played.

After the Empire: Solo Mode

Players: 1
Time: 60-120 Minutes
Age: 13+

Requires core game to play.

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