CMON Comics Vol. 2: Cthulhu Death May Die

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At the top of the Turk’s Head Building in Providence, the stars are almost right. Cultists bent on summoning the Great Old One, Yog-Sothoth need one final ritual item—a 17-year-old kid named Seamus. Seamus hasn’t had a normal life. As a boy, he read the diary of one Wilbur Whatley and its strange tale imprinted on his subconscious. The dead man’s thoughts haunt him daily. Meanwhile, unknown to Seamus, Jack Munoz, one of his oldest friends, also hunts for him. Can he still trust his old friend or is time running out for Seamus? Is his death already written in the alien stars above? Seamus just needs a little providence to come his way.
6 Investigators
6 Dashboards
1 Enemy Figure (Season 4 required)
1 Card
Lost Episode 8 (Season 1 required)
2 Special Investigator Tokens
Lost Episode 9 (Season 3 required)

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