CMON Comics Vol. 2: Zombicide Black Plague

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The best of intentions paves the road to Hell, or worse, to the Black Plague. Legendary wizard Einar thought he could make a deal to cure the plague. But the dark pact pulled him into an abyss from which only his half-elf apprentice, Lewyn, can rescue him. She cannot do it alone. Venturing into this dark night of the soul with her are Freya the thief, Drakka the dwarf, and Otto the paladin. This group must journey through the world of Black Plague, fighting the newly dead, hidden threats, and perhaps, their friend Einar himself. Along the way, they may find his soul is not the only one on trial.

The Zombicide: Road to Hell comic book pre-order promos include gameplay components for Zombicide: Black Plague and Massive Darkness 2.

12 Survivors
2 Abominations
1 Necromancer
12 ID Cards
14 Spawn Cards
1 Mission
Massive Darkness 2 Crossover Components

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