CMON Comics Vol. 2: Hate

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With sorcerous chains, they bound their mother, the Earth. Yet they knew not the fate they'd purchased. As the rot took hold, Her children tore at each other, prowled her festering hollows, and bred abominations. Ages passed. Some lineages of men grew monstrous. Others weakened. Slavery and hopelessness ran rampant. The strongest of men, direct descendants of Mother Herself grew in strength and size. It was an age of domination where might was the only right. Finally, one man, a god among even these titans, crushed all beneath his foot. Everyone bent knees to this Tyrant who would rule until nothing stirred on ashen plains, not even the gods themselves. And yet in a world where the sun is frozen and the moon burns, one hope for the Mother yet remains. A most unlikely hero will rise. One who cannot fight, only flee. But one who burns fiercest with Hate.

The Tyrant Edition includes 2 HATE hardcover comic books, that bring the original HATE comic book as well as new content to complete the story.

1 Tyrant
1 Shaktaar Mercenary
2 Figure Cards

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