Darwin's Journey: Fireland Expansion

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Darwin's Journey is a worker-placement Eurogame in which players recall Charles Darwin's memories of his adventure through the Galapagos islands, which contributed to the development of his theory of evolution.

The Fireland Expansion includes a new map and alternative board layout with new mechanisms and additional content. It contains:

  • 4 Wooden ships
  • 4 Wooden explorers
  • 4 coloured wooden discs
  • 4 Special Action tiles
  • 2 Player Objective tiles
  • 2 Crew Cards
  • 21 Adventure Cards (land and ocean)
  • 20 wooden Adventure tokens
  • 4 Adventure Player Aid cards
  • 6 Observation score tokens
  • 6 Time tiles
  • 8 cardboard Time seals

Players: 1-4
Time: 60-120 Minutes
Age: 14+

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