Elden Ring: Dual-Layer Player Boards


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Welcome to the Lands Between, a mysterious and otherworldly realm where the landscape is rich and varied. As you explore, you’ll build out a hex-based map of your surroundings, with unique locations to visit, resources to gather, NPC’s to interact with, and enemies to fight. Your progress is tracked by a narrative story that provides objectives as well as guidance on how to achieve them – and, depending on your decisions, alternative side-quests and emergent narrative to experience, too.

This exclusive set upgrades your standard player boards to dual-layer boards with dedicated slots to keep your Tarnished's cards and tokens tidy.

With it, you’ll experience that incredibly satisfying moment of components slotting into place again, and again, and again...

Because this optional add-on was introduced after the campaign, it’s not included in the All-in Pledge. So, remember to add it to your pledge if you don’t want to miss out. This upgrade is exclusive, which means it won't go to general retail.

Elden Ring: Dual-Layer Player Boards (4 Dual-Layer Player Boards)

Players: 1-4
Time: 90-120 Minutes
Age: 14+

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