Evolution: Another World Special Edition

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In the game, you create animals and give them traits so they survive and thrive in the chaotic world of wondrous creatures. The goal of the game is to give your creatures enough energy to transmute and transcend their state of existence. The first player to transmute three creatures wins the game.

This game is family-friendly because animals can’t die or be eaten by predators. Competition is peaceful, but you can attack other players' creatures to gain energy. This game has a straightforward win condition: you don't need to count VP at the end of the game. Transmute 3 of your creatures and you win the game!

Evolution: Another World Special Edition is a Kickstarter version of the game that contains everything from Evolution: Another World core game plus several additional modules, special rules, and components for 5th and 6th player.

Players: 1-6
Time: 20-30 Minutes
Age: 11+

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