Hero Realms: Dungeons: Adventure Pledge


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Perfect for new players and experts alike, this complete 1-6 player game can be played PVP with 2-6 players, or adventure through its solo/cooperative 12-encounter dungeon campaign full of deadly Masters and minions to battle against!

This is the Adventure Tier from the Kickstarter: You'll get the all-new 80 card market deck, the beautiful double-sided game board, 4 score dials, the 12 part dungeon adventure, all 6 new characters with their Adventure Deck gear (including the Kickstarter Exclusive Necromancer) and of course you'll get all the unlocked Stretch Goals!


  • -The Hero Realms Dungeons Box Set (including the Alchemist and Barbarian Character Packs and Adventure Decks)
  • -The Bard Character Pack
  • -The Bard Adventure Deck 
  • -The Druid Character Pack
  • -The Druid Adventure Deck 
  • -The Monk Character Pack
  • -The Monk Adventure Deck 
  • -The Kickstarter Exclusive Necromancer Character Pack
  • -The Kickstarter Exclusive Necromancer Adventure Deck 
Players: 1-6
Time: 20-30 Minutes
Age: 12+

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