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Corvus Belli

Infinity Campaign: Paradiso

Infinity Campaign: Paradiso

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Infinity Campaign: Paradiso is second, after Human Sphere, book that expands Infinity Skirmish Game. Paradiso delivers few new features to Infinity:
- Completely new race: Tohaa
- Complete campaign set on planet Paradiso and depicting fight between Humanity and Combined Army
- Rules to make other campaigns and among them: Spec Ops and experience
- New troops to existing Infiity factions

Campaign Paradiso is meant for 4 players, 300 points armies and contains 14 different scenarios divided into 4 different chapters. Thanks to the unique campaign map players play different missions depending on their wins or loses. Thanks to this, and experience system campaign is different for each player.

Tohaa is new faction introduced in Infinity Campaign: Paradiso book. It is highly developed alien faction of scientists. It depends on symbiotic armor and three man squads (number 3 is their sacred number). It is currently in war with Combined Army and wants to form alliance with Humanity.

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