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A scurvy ridden, rules light, art heavy RPG based on Mörk Borg. Inspired by history, fantasy, horror, and rum. Your cutlass & flintlock won't save you from hordes of skeletons and ghost ships...

PIRATE BORG is a self-contained rules-light RPG for running swashbuckling campaigns. Character creation is optimized for random generation (though not required), and during combat all rolls are made by the players: enemies don’t roll to attack, instead PCs roll to defend. Pirate Borg is fun, easy to learn, potentially deadly, and perfect for OSR/NuSR style one-shots and for campaigns that focus more on player agency and smart decisions and less on character optimization and “what’s on my character sheet”.

  • A complete, self-contained RPG system based on Mörk Borg (via its 3rd Party License)

  • A5 hardcover book, 168 pages, full color, uncoated paper, embossed and spot gloss cover, 2 bookmark ribbons

  • A3 folding map of The Dark Caribbean and Black Coral Bay shrink wrapped with every book.

  • 6 PC classes (rapscallion, swashbuckler, brute, zealot, sorcerer, and buccaneer) plus 2 optional classes: Tall Tale and Haunted Soul

  • Ancient Relics, Arcane Rituals, Sea Shanties, Mystical Mishaps, and Alchemy tables

  • Bestiary with pirate themed monsters & random pirate NPC generator

  • Tables for loot, treasure maps, maritime travel, cargo, jobs & quests, rumors, derelict ships, uncharted islands, and more

  • Rules light naval combat and 18 ship stat blocks

  • The Curse of Skeleton Point, a sandbox introductory adventure and island location

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