Sea Dragons

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Humanity has become more daring when sailing the seas. More and more pirate ships venture into the forbidden seas of the gods, endangering their underwater kingdoms and the strange creatures that live there. In Sea Dragons, you must protect the seas by sinking pirate ships, collecting their treasures, and becoming the legendary protectors of the aquatic kingdoms.

In the game, each participant plays as a family of sea dragons who are seeking to become the protectors of the forbidden seas. Each turn, one of the two pattern cards from the hand will be played to position a sea dragon on the board, increasing your presence in all four sea kingdoms. You will be able to sink ships or collect treasures hidden in the ocean. Optionally you can complete missions with the ships that you are sinking. Note that you cannot place your own sea dragons next to each other, and if you place one next to another player's dragon, they receive treasures.

Your long-term goal is to achieve the greatest presence in each of the four kingdoms at the end of the game and get the most victory points by completing missions and collecting treasures.

Players: 2-5
Time: 30-45 Minutes
Age: 8+

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