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Terraforming Mars Kickstarter Add-Ons

Terraforming Mars Kickstarter Add-Ons

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The Big Box + 3D Tiles: Want to make a statement? All the beautiful 3D tiles, new special tiles and promo cards - plus a complete organization and storage solution. Attractive deck boxes that fit sleeved cards and cube holders make setup and gameplay even easier. Base game not included.

The Small Box + 3D Tiles: Want to keep your game in one box and the 3D tiles in another? All the beautiful 3D tiles and promo cards in one attractive box designed just for these items. Base game not included.  
*Small Box will include a set of Kickstarter Promo Cards

Trade Fleets + Chairman Seat: 8 molded ship minis and 1 chairman seat mini.

Card Sleeves: 550 custom card sleeves (400 Project card sleeves, 50 Corporation card sleeves, 50 Prelude card sleeves, and 50 Global Event card sleeves)

Rover First Player Marker: 1 Mars Rover mini first player marker

Player Boards: 5 dual-layered player boards

City Domes: 25 clear plastic domes

Metal Resource Cubes: 200 metal resource cubes

Turmoil Promo Pack: Kickstarter exclusive promo cards
Project Cards:
Dusk Laser Mining
Project Inspection
Energy Market
Hi-Tech Lab
Interplanetary Trade
Law Suit
Mercurian Alloys
Orbital Cleanup
Political Alliance
Saturn Surfing
Stanford Torus

Mons Insurance

Global Events:
Diaspora --> Microgravity Health Problems
Immigration to Venus --> Corrosive Rain
Jovian Colony Boom --> Jovian Tax Rights
Martian Protectionism --> Venus Infrastructure
Titan-Venus Alliance --> Cloud Societies

*Base game of Terraforming Mars required to play.

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