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The Walking Dead Universe: Starter Set

The Walking Dead Universe: Starter Set

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Releases: Dec 01 2023

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The boxed Starter Set for The Walking Dead Universe Roleplaying Game includes a condensed rulebook, pre-generated characters, and the first full-length survival scenario for you to play.

The Walking Dead has always been about characters facing impossible choices in an unforgiving world. In The Walking Dead Universe Roleplaying Game, you enter into the world of the dead and must face these choices head on. You can do this at any point in the timeline – encountering familiar faces and locations, or new ones – but the hardest choice will always be the same: Who are you going to be?

We have seen many stories set in The Walking Dead Universe – now it’s time to see yours.

The game is designed by Nils Hintze (Tales From the Loop RPG, Vaesen – Nordic Horror Roleplaying), with Joe LeFavi (ALIEN RPG, Blade Runner RPG) as producer and brand manager, and with Free League co-founders Mattias Johnsson Haake (Symbaroum) and Tomas Härenstam (ALIEN RPG, Blade Runner RPG) serving as editors and project managers. The game art is made by Gustaf Ekelund (Twilight: 2000, Coriolis) and Martin Grip (Symbaroum, ALIEN RPG, Blade Runner RPG).

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