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Tindaya + Miniatures

Tindaya + Miniatures

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Tindaya is set at the dawn of the 15th century on the paradise known today as the Canary Islands. The conquistadors have just set eyes on it. Each player must lead an aboriginal tribe to survival in a world ruled by gods and shaped by natural disasters. It is a theme-driven survival adventure with the soul of a eurogame. This environmentally conscious game offers two play modes to please any group: Cooperative (including solo) & Competitive, in addition to the Traitor variant for players avid of some old fashioned throat-cutting. Difficulty can be graded, and less experienced gamers can learn to play through a 3 game mini-campaign.

*Includes a separate box of miniatures and a scorecard.

Players: 1-4
Time: 45-120 Minutes
Age: 13+

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