Vampire the Masquerade: Chapters: Banu Haqim

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This add-on offers two exciting chapters introducing the Banu Haqim as a new playable character. This installment adds new locations, NPCs, enemies, powers, and a highly-detailed miniature.

Aaron Wissal didn't expect to receive work unprompted by Montreal's Sheriff. No one really knew much about the reclusive Nosferatu, but his reputation as a capable and discreet Kindred. For him to outsource the murder of a simple kine over the theft of some documents was definitely out of character. . .And there's never anything more enticing than an oddity in an otherwise perfect pattern, is there?

Like the City of a Hundred Steeples, Aaron endured many masters, employers and would-be tyrants. Like the city, he outlasted them all. In this time of upheaval, the island metropolis is tethering between a dark past and a bright future, a situation the quiet mercenary knows all too well. . .With an opportunity to witness the city's fate for himself, he takes the crimson path that will lead him back to the snow-swept streets at the heart of the oncoming storm. . .

1 Character Board
4 Character Sheets
1 Miniature
10 Discipline Cards
4 Item Cards
2 Booklets
2 State Cards
1 Double-sided Tile
7 NPC Tokens

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Players: 1-4
Time: 30-60 Minutes
Age: 18+

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