Vampire the Masquerade: Chapters: Hecata

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This add-on offers two exciting chapters introducing Hecata as a new playable character. This installment adds new locations, NPCs, enemies, powers, and a highly-detailed miniature.

For child actress Aurora Rosselini, most waking moments were already spent with one foot in the grave, fated to always depict the heroines in a long list of silver-screen horror movies. When a roaming specter took control of her co-star and went on a rampage leaving her for dead, it should have been the end of Aurora's tragic story. . .But those of the Hecata clan rarely respect the finality of death if there's something to be gained from it. Saved in extremis by a strange woman named Charlotte Milliner, Aurora soon finds herself introduced to a new world, one of crimson and shadows, her awakening guided and shaped by her magnetic and rebellions savior, sire, and lover.

Delve deep into a story of obsession and vengeance as ou follow the murderous spirit who cut your life short, pursuing the maddening power over death, decay, and darkness as you hurtle through the veils of life and death, adoration and loathing, and learn that death is often only the beginning.

1 Character Board
4 Character Sheets
1 Miniature
11 Discipline Cards
1 Item Card
2 Booklets
3 State Cards
1 Double-sided Tile
9 NPC Tokens

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Players: 1-4
Time: 30-60 Minutes
Age: 18+

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