Vampire the Masquerade: Chapters: Lasombra

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This add-on offers two exciting chapters introducing the Lasombra as a new playable character. This installment adds new locations, NPCs, enemies, powers, and a highly-detailed miniature.

There has always been a darkness lurking deep in Edward Harvey's heart. Even during his living days, Edward saw the harsh world around him and chose to be harsher, harder. . .colder. It was this detached pragmatism that drew his sire to him, plunging him into an existence darker than any night. Cornered and shunned, Edward did what was necessary to cast off the chains of his sire, burning bridges and making powerful enemies in the process. Under the protection of Lady Van Burace, he was soon pushed toward the promised freedom and opportunities of the budding Montreal Camarilla.

But acceptance and belonging are earned, not claimed. Soon, Edward finds himself pitted in a mad challenge against another Kindred vying for a spot in Prince Hilker's court. Tasked with hunting a survivor of Montreal's Sabbatic past, survival turns into a race against the clock, forced to gaze into the abyss of the city's blood-soaked past, hoping that nothing in that abyss is staring back. . .

1 Character Board
4 Character Sheets
1 Miniature
10 Discipline Cards
2 Item Cards
2 Booklets
1 State Card
1 Double-sided Tile
3 NPC Tokens

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Players: 1-4
Time: 30-60 Minutes
Age: 18+

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