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Games Workshop

Warhammer 40000: Eldritch Omens

Warhammer 40000: Eldritch Omens

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  • 1x Autarch, including multiple head options, two torsos, and a wide variety of wargear based on various Aspect Warrior shrines
  • 3x Shroud Runners, sleek dual-crewed jetbikes, combining the firepower of Rangers with incredible speed
  • 5x Rangers, with plenty of options for different heads and specialized equipment
  • 1x Warpsmith, with head, accessory, and weapon options
  • 5x Chosen, including loads of options for different heads, weapons, and gear
  • 1x Forgefiend, which can alternatively be built as a Maulerfiend

The set also contains a 32-page Eldritch Omens campaign book including new background, missions, and rules for both Craftworld Aeldari and Heretic Astartes units. This book contains datasheets for all the models in the box, two missions, the Goliath Down theater of war, and Crusade rules for both factions. New and existing players will find plenty of fresh gaming options, making this an ideal choice for all collectors.

*Games Workshop plastic miniatures are sold unpainted and will require assembly.

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