Zombicide: White Death All-In Bundle

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The long-awaited sequel to Zombicide: Black Plague and Green Horde has finally arrived! Zombicide: White Death is taking the medieval fantasy setting out into the cold, to the icy lands of a city known as Wintergrad. 

In addition to the new environment, Zombies, and Survivors, this new installment also brings updated rules and new thrilling mechanics that will send a chill up our spines. Scale the great walls to your advantage, arm yourself to the teeth, melee Attack from a distance, freeze Zombies dead in their tracks, mind the ruin zones, and stop the corruption!


  • Zombicide: White Death
  • Zombicide: Frozen Fortress
  • Zombicide: Eternal Empire
  • TMNT Zombicide: Timecrash
  • Divine Beasts
  • Berserker Walkers
  • Climbers and Terrorcotta Pack
  • Crossfire Pack
  • Virtues of Bushido
  • Celestial Knights
  • Warlords of the Rising Sun
  • Warlords of the Middle Kingdom
  • Jennika & Plastic Pizza Tokens
  • Chang'e and Hou Yi
  • Usagi Yojimbo
  • Extra Tiles Pack
  • Frost Dice
  • Jade Dice
  • Plastic Token Pack
  • 3D Battlements
  • MD2 Crossover Pack

  • Players: 1-6
    Time: 30-180 Minutes
    Age: 14+
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