A Letter from Zulu: Thanks for 2021

”I hope that this message finds you and your loved ones in good health and in a place where you are able to connect in person with others. As another year comes to a close I can’t help but reflect on how we have all continued to adapt and adjust to the ever changing world. Never has the need for connection and engagement with others been so important and yet seem so challenging to come by.

Matt Zaremba, owner of Zulu's

Community connection is why I started Zulu’s and community is what has seen us through the last two years. I continue to be amazed at our Zulu communities ability to adapt, mobilize and continue to advance with us at every new phase that we have been through. I guess I shouldn’t be so surprised since you all are a community of game players who were training for this time in your lives. You know how to plan your next move, how to build your engine, how to continue advancing despite whatever crazy obstacle is thrown in your path. 

At Zulu’s we took the same approach to the challenges in front of us and we have achieved great things and certainly taken some side quests that we never saw coming. Through it all, you, our Zulu’s Community, were there with us supporting us and each other. Here are some of the notable ways we have seen and felt our Zulu’s community in the past year. 

  • Support throughout the lock-down by embracing our to-go meals, drinks and games
  • Patience and grace as we navigated getting our players back at the tables safely and in compliance with the ever changing guidelines 
  • Encouragement and patience through the longest remodel in history
  • Amazing turn out for our ribbon cutting ceremony to celebrate the expansion being completed, our Room of Requirements is now waiting for you
  • An overwhelming support for our plastics collection drive to support our friends in the Rotary in their mission to keep plastics out of landfill and to build community benches
  • Extreme generosity for the Toys for Tots drive which impacts so many local families for the positive
  • And of course all the likes on our Pokémon holiday windows which helped us to win the yearly decorating contest

Melinda Gates said it best “Deep human connection is very different. It’s not a tool. It’s not a means to an end. It is the end — the purpose and the result of a meaningful life — and it will inspire the most amazing acts of love, generosity and humanity.”   

At Zulu’s we are looking forward to the new year, a chance to continue to make our next move and continue to offer a chance for others to connect and build a meaningful life even in these uncertain times. Here is to 2022, a year for connecting more and taking your next move.“

Matt “Zulu” Zaremba

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