Events are back! The resurgence of regular gatherings at Zulu's!

Events are back! The resurgence of regular gatherings at Zulu's!

It’s been a very long couple of years. Things have been up and down with all the various hurdles we’ve had to go through. Covid, starting up the online store, booming, the remodel, the OTHER remodel, the warehouse relocation, and so on.

We’re very happy that things are getting back to some kind of normal here at Zulu’s, and the thing we’re probably the happiest about is how we’re finally able to really ramp up all our special events!


Big events are our pride and joy here at Zulu’s. Not just gaming events like a Magic Prerelease or miniatures tournament, but specialty events like the Bothell Beer and Wine walks, a paint night with a local ceramics company, or an art showing for local artists!

Crowd at a beer and wine walk


The past few months have been a lot of fun getting all these things spun back up. We’ve gotten such a great response and resurgence from the community, and we’re excited to keep it going.


We’ve had some great event debuts at our main location. We’ll start with showcasing the two big painting events we’ve had. One was a traditional miniatures painting get together, with everyone working on and showing off their latest mini masterpieces. The second was a Paint and Sip party hosted by our friends at Stuffington Ceramics. Folks came out to paint fun ceramic models while enjoying array of on tap beers and ciders. A good time was had by all.

minis paint nightpainted froghemoth

 Our other big debut was the launch of our new Events Center! Just a block down the street from the store, our former warehouse has been converted into a dedicated large scale gaming facility. We’ve got a dozen large tables perfect for miniatures, large board games, or RPG groups to come and sit around the table with extra room to move and spread out all the pieces. We’ve already got a few regular nights going for Warhammer, Battletech, Star Wars miniatures, and more!

Event center tables and players


Our DnD team also had a brand-new event launch. Our first character creator session happened in March, and it was a huge hit. Tons of folks turned out to learn the basics of D&D, meet our friendly staff of professional DMs, and make characters alongside friends and family.


Of course, all this new stuff doesn’t at all detract from some of the most popular events at Zulu’s which are of course the big TcG events. Magic Prerelease events, weekly Flesh and Blood armory, Digimon tournaments, FNM, and more. Our players have turned back out and it has been great to see all of you back sitting across the table from one another. The Kamigawa Neon Dynasty prerelease was the highest turnout event we’ve had in over 3 years, filling out almost all our new expansion with folks excited to play Magic.

 Kamigawa deck building

While all of these have been great; there’s so much more to look forward to. We’re going to be bringing the event center fully online with regular hours for folks to come and game whenever the like, as well as adding dedicated food service there. We’ll be headed back to even more conventions and large tournaments, so look forward to seeing Zulu’s out and about more as well. You can always find everything we're up to on our calendar/events page at

We’ll be expanding the repertoire of games we host regular nights for and ramping up all our existing games. The Magic pro scene is coming back and we’re going to be in it!

Thanks to all of you who’ve helped keep Zulu’s going the past few years. We’ve loved having you as part of our community and hope to keep seeing you at all the awesome events we’re planning to have for years to come! 

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