Klask us about it! - A quick look at one of Zulu's signature titles

Klask us about it! - A quick look at one of Zulu's signature titles


If you're a local with Zulu's already, you have most likely seen Klask being played in our store or set up nearby. Klask is a 2-Player (with a 4 player variant) dexterity game where players are attempting to knock a ball into the opponent's goal using a magnetized rod to move their strikers to block and kick the ball around the board. Players also must avoid small magnetic obstacles in the middle of the board stick to them, or having their striker fall into their own goal. The name comes from the sound made by having the striker pop down into said goal, making an iconic 'Klask!' noise.


Klask Game


Klask is a Signature game here at Zulu's, due largely in part to regular customer and Klask superfan Sean F. Our local Klaskmaster has been a champion for this game and has share his love of it with the staff, the customers and even has made it a centerpiece for our convention presence!


Our most recent convention – Emerald City Comic Con gave us enough space to feature a daily Klask tournament all 4 days of the show, where the first 3 days saw players qualify for the final event on Sunday, where the winner got to claim a custom Klask board themed for the show!

Top 3 from our Klask ECCC events

Congrats again to our winner! The final match was very intense, in fact we have preserved for  you right here if you wish to enjoy it! 



This fun little game has become one of the icons of Zulu's, and has become an excellent tool for getting to know new gamers of all ages. Its accessible, fun, quick, and still has enough skill enough to let you feel clever while playing it if you can take advantage of the some of the special rules that separate it from things like table hockey or other small dexterity games.


We'll be having another fun Klask event at PAX in the coming week, and keep an eye out for more exciting Klask things coming soon to your friendly neighborhood Zulu's games! Be sure to come by and try out Klask, or any of our fun and free demo games we've got on the shelf here at Zulu's. Happy gaming friends!


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