Zulu's Magic Community Update

Zulu's Magic Community Update

Hello Magic players, collectors and fans. There's so much interesting Magic happening at Zulu's in November, I don't want you to miss a thing! This is an update and an invitation for you and your friends to join us.

Goodbye Dominaria United. You've been a great set! We have one final FNM draft featuring it today (4 Nov @7pm), and then a goodbye celebration with a DMU Collector's sealed event (6 Nov @4pm). I'm hoping and betting that we get to open some lost Legends and put them into our ridiculously bomb-heavy decks. This is a fun, one-of-a-kind event if you count yourself as a fan of Dominaria United.

Find Lost legends with a DMU Collector's sealed event
Then we're off to explore the Brothers' War with a weeklong prerelease Extravaganza, starting 11 November @3pm.

There are a two significant differences between this and previous Prerelease Events.

  1. ALL preorders are available for pickup and shipping on Friday, 11 November, the first day of the prerelease!

  2. We're running a mix of event types (rather than all Sealed) during prerelease week because we have so many more pack choices. I'm talking to you, Two-Headed Giant, draft and Collector's sealed fans!
We're running events every day, and we're giving out 30th anniversary promos to the first eight people to register in each event to help celebrate.

MTG 30th Anniversary BRO promos

But wait, there's more! For release weekend we're holding a sealed Regional Championship Qualifier, Saturday,11 am. The Top 8 will draft new decks AND each get one of these gorgeous finalist pins.

Top 8 pins

WOTC has also provided amazing Thraben Inspector and Selfless Spirit promos. The winner also gets store credit and an invitation to go to <TBD> to compete to become a pro player. You can learn more about the Pro Tour process here

      Selfless Spirit promo

With every new standard set we also kick off a sealed escalation league, where you start with a prerelease kit and add 2 packs every other week. Our Brothers' War league will start Thanksgiving week, but you can pick up your kits at prerelease if you're eager to get started. 

Lastly, here's a reminder of the other magic events that happen throughout a typical week at Zulu's. Jump into our Discord to join the chat with any of them, and find your next game. We also have a fantastic event calendar here.


Zulus MTG weekly calendar


Thanks for reading my note and for making Zulu's your local game store. My name's Eric, the Zulu's MTG tournament organizer and Level 1 Judge. I hope to see you across the table in November! 

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