The Compleat list of reasons to put Zulu's events on your MTG calendar

Magic fans have lots to consider when planning their February & March calendar. The number of awesome "you don't want to miss this" events is a little bit crazy, so I'll try to recap them here for you. 

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New releases: Phyrexia All Will Be One (aka ONE) is the third - and most horriffic - standard playable set in the 4 set story arc following the citizens and protectors of Dominaria fending off an invading Phyrexian army. If you thought it was hard to pick between Urza and Mishra, just wait until your allies become Compleated... and try to pick who you'll support. The choices are likely to be toxic.

a creature with the toxic keyworded ability

Just as we did with Brothers' War, all preorders will be available for pickup on the first Friday of Prerelease week, 3 Feb, at noon. This is an awesome benefit for premium stores like Zulu's and their customers.

Phyrexian Full Art lands

Events celebrating ONE:

  • Prerelease week starting 3 Feb and featuring lots of sealed deck play, two-headed giant (2HG), two drafts and one Collector's sealed event. Registration link.

    Wizards also loaded us up with a new bigger batch of Magic 30 promos, which will be given away at all prerelease events (while supplies last).
    30th Anniversary ONE promos
  • Release week starting 10 Feb features lots of drafts with one 2HG event on Saturday and sealed events on Saturday & Sunday. Registration link.

    ONE banner
  • A ONE sealed escalation league. Registration is open now and play begins 16 Feb, the first Thursday after release weekend. This is one of the best ways to get to know a new set and to get to know the local community better. Cost = $65 and signups are in-store only.
  • A full weekend of Regional championship qualifiers 25 & 26 Feb. Registration link. This is the go-to-event for competitive players!
  • Compleat edition bundle release + Phyrexian life counter give-away (while supplies last): 3 March. These will run out in presale, so if you want one, don't delay.
    a phyrexian life counter
  • For the first time, Wizards of the Coast Partner Network stores (including Zulu's) will have a Secret Lair that can only be bought direct: details coming soon! ETA: early March
  • Store championships 4 March. Format: sealed deck ONE with a cut to top 8 draft. Winner gets a special art Koth, Fire of Resistance. Top 8 get promo Memory Deluge, and all players get a promo Annex Sentry. And lot's of bragging rights for the store champ. Glory is eternal!
ONE Koth  ONE Memory Deluge  ONE Annex Sentry
  • Free play Phyrexia All Will be One Commander Party 11 March with sweet promos. Did we mention, it's free? 

Other awesome MTG: our first Legacy $1k is currently in planning for later in March. Details and registration can be found in our Discord.

Whew! That's it and that's a LOT, even for our Iron Man players who play all the events in a given weekend! I hope you found something compelling to join in and give this awesome new set a try. Here's a recap of what you can find on our in-store event calendar:

the awesome weekly event schedule for Zulu's

If we're missing something that you really like (like ONE Jumpstart or a learn-to-play), please use the comments section to let us know. Ditto, in case you have questions.

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